FLEETBridge Professional Services

are designed for our customers to see the maximum benefit from their investment. Which not only means supplying market-leading technology, but also offering access to our dedicated team of fleet tracking specialists who deliver tailored support and advanced-level project management.

The addition of Professional Services to your fleet tracking solution can help you benefit from:

+ A reduction in the length of time to rollout across your fleet
+ Expert project management and support
+ A reduction of implementation man-hours
+ Advanced fleet tracking system training courses
+ A faster return on investment


Our professional services team works with you to fully understand your business and the areas of improvement targeted with the information gained from implementing fleet tracking solutions. We utilize the experience and expertise we have gained from working with a wide range customers to recommend the necessary systems and processes to realize maximum value.

+ Determine who the stakeholders are
+ Collaborate to determine what information the stakeholders need
+ Develop a roles and responsibility matrix
+ Escalation process
+ Management summary report creation
+ Recommend technology solutions
+ Recommend implementation of the system


Our support team will guide you through the implementation process and help you enhance usability as well as streamline the roll-out across your business. You will see returns even more quickly because of the expertly handled implementation and advanced fleet management training.

+ Project manage implementation of FLEETBridge solution
+ User Training
+ Technology and user support
+ Custom user guide for each system user group
+ Hardware installation coordination
+ Customizable data access restrictions for union restriction compliance
+ Maintenance system setup
+ Payroll data integration


We take the day-to-day management responsibilities of your fleet tracking system off of your ‘to do’ list. You receive the reliable and accurate asset management information you need without dedicating man-hours to maintaining the fleet management system and analyzing the tracking data collected.

System Management

+ Daily System Monitoring

+ Technical and User Support

Incident and Exception Process

+ Incident and Exception Research and Reporting

+ Exception Review Meeting with Stakeholders

Data Integration

+ Payroll Data Loading

+ Data Re-processing

Executive Information

+ Executive Summary Report

+ Executive Review Meeting

Employee Engagement

Now that you’ve decided to implement vehicle tracking, it’s important to get your employees on board as well.

We believe the key to introducing GPS to your employees is to be candid, honest, and positive. Let your employees know the truth – you don’t think the worst of them and this is not a personal decision. Fleet and asset tracking is truly a business need in this day and age.

Our aim is to have open conversations about GPS, what tracking information is being collected, and how that data will benefit all members of the organization. We discuss three main benefits of implementing an asset tracking solution:

Improved Service

Respond to customer needs more quickly, have proof of service, more timely in-field fleet repair

Increased Savings

Reduced fuel costs, increased productivity, more accurate job costing

Focus on Safety

Maintain maintenance schedules on vehicles and equipment, expedite the recovery of stolen property, faster service calls, monitor lone worker location